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1. Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

2. To test or run applications on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Apple Watch all you need is a free Apple ID.

Features and Description

Key Features

Latest Version: 12.3

  • Licence: Free

  • What does Xcode do? Xcode includes everything developers need to create great applications for Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch. Xcode provides developers a unified workflow for user interface design, coding, testing, and debugging. The Xcode IDE combined with the Swift programming language make developing apps easy and fun.Xcode includes the Xcode IDE, Swift and C/C++/Objective-C compilers, Instruments analysis tool, simulators, the latest SDKs, and hundreds of powerful features:Innovative tools help you create great apps• Swift is an intuitive programming language that is safe, fast, and modern• SwiftUI is a revolutionary framework to create user interfaces with a declarative Swift syntax• Playgrounds are a fun way to experiment and interact with Swift code• View debugging shows a 3D stack of all your app's UI view layers at runtime• Split editors in virtually unlimited ways, show previews, or choose an assistant to see related content• Live issues display errors as you type, and Fix-its improve your code with just a click• Source control navigator and service integrations help you manage code across a teamSwiftUI and Interface Builder make it easy to design your interface• SwiftUI uses declarative Swift code that clearly describes your interface• Design canvas graphically builds UI views using the library of controls and modifyers• Preview SwiftUI code or UIKit interfaces in different screen sizes, orientations, and font sizes• SwiftUI code is always in perfect sync with the graphical design canvas and previews• Animations are built using simple commands that describe the action you want to seeProfessional editor and debugger keep your code front and center• Refactoring makes it easy to modify the structure of Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++ code• Open Quickly instantly opens any file within your project• Data tips and Quick Look can inspect a variable by hovering your mouse over code while debuggingInstruments for performance analysis• Compare CPU, disk, memory, and GPU performance as graphical tracks over time• Identify performance bottlenecks, then dive deep into the code to uncover the cause• Analyze your app directly, or sample the entire system with very little overhead• Create custom instruments with unique visualizations to analyze your own code and frameworksTo test or run applications on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Apple Watch all you need is a free Apple ID. To submit your apps to the App Store you must be a member of the Apple Developer Program. Some features may require Internet access.

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    Xcode 11 Beta Download Windows 10

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    More apps by Apple

    Today Apple released Xcode 11.2 Beta (11B41) to Developers.

    Xcode 11.2 Beta (11B41) is now available for developers to test with. What’s new in this release?

    I added links to my previous Xcode 11 Change Notes below. I also included Xcode Requirements and Mac App Store download links.

    Summary of New Xcode 11. GM Seed Patch Notes

    • 4 New Features
    • 9 New Resolved issues
    • 3 New Known Issues
    • 0 New Deprecations

    A Full List of changes is listed below, along with the full patch notes list.

    Xcode 11 Links

    Main Xcode Page – https://developer.apple.com/xcode/

    Release Notes Archive developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode_release_notes

    Xcode 11 Mac App Store Download Link

    Previous Xcode “What’s New” Articles

    • Xcode 11.1 GM Seed (11A1027) – mrmacintosh.com/whats-new-in-xcode-11-1-gm-seed-11a1027/
    • Xcode 11 (11A420a) Production Version – mrmacintosh.com/xcode-11-11a420a-is-now-available-in-the-mac-app-store-whats-new/
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    • Xcode 11 Beta 7 (11m392r) Release Notes Changes – mrmacintosh.com/whats-new-in-xcode-11-beta-7-11m392r/

    macOS Requirements

    macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later

    What’s New in Xcode 11.2 Beta


    Overview -Xcode 11.2 beta includes SDKs for iOS 13.2, macOS Catalina 10.15, watchOS 6.1, and tvOS 13.2. Xcode 11.2 beta supports on-device debugging for iOS 8 and later, tvOS 9 and later, and watchOS 2 and later. Xcode 11.2 beta requires a Mac running macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later.


    Known Issues

    • Watch apps might fail to launch on Apple Watch from Xcode with the error: ”Failed to use existing instance 0 for app with bundle identifier: com.apple.Carousel.” This can occur when the iPhone and Apple Watch are too far from the wifi network base station and have a weak signal, the wifi network is congested, or the network doesn’t support peer-to-peer connections. (51431622)Workaround: Disable wifi on the Apple Watch in Settings to force use of bluetooth, or set up a separate 2.4GHz wifi base station and disable auto-connecting to the ‘bad’ wifi network.

    Xcode 11 Beta Download Windows 7

    Interface Builder

    New Features

    • Added support for configuring WKInterfaceAuthorizationAppleIDButton styles. (53251536)

    Resolved Issues

    • Fixed an issue with UITabBarController where decoding an instance from a storyboard would create extra views at the left end of the screen. If you worked around this issue on Xcode 11.0 or 11.1 by creating a subclass of UITabBarController and hiding extra views in the initializer you can remove the workaround. (55310448)
    • Fixed a crash that occurred in iOS/tvOS projects when reselecting the currently selected color in a user-defined runtime attribute. (55464140)
    • The host system’s appearance no longer affects which fallback color is archived for an adaptive asset catalog color. (55570108)


    Resolved Issues

    • Fixed a crash when importing a localization with xcodebuild into a project referencing a Swift package. (55636751)


    New Features

    Xcode 11 beta download windows 7
    • simctl video recording now produces smaller video files, supports HEIC compression, and takes advantage of hardware encoding support where available. In addition, the ability to record video on iOS 13, tvOS 13, and watchOS 6 devices has been restored. (50625716, 54409532, 55207068).NoteThe flags and arguments supported by simctl video recording have changed. See xcrun simctl help io for more information.
    • Simulator now has a menu item and keyboard shortcut to bring up the app switcher in iOS simulators. (54793361)

    Resolved Issues

    • Fixed a crash loop that could occur on macOS 10.15 Catalina when using iCloud Drive in simulated devices running older versions of iOS. (51392951, 54282967, 54818084)
    • Fixed an issue causing simulated devices running iOS 13 to display a black window instead of enabling an external display or a CarPlay display. (53966664)

    Swift Compiler

    New Features

    • Swift function builders use a new type checking algorithm that improves compile times and eliminates many instances of ”unable to type-check this expression in reasonable time” errors for SwiftUI-heavy code. (50150793)

    Resolved Issues

    • The enum NEHotspotConfigurationError in the NetworkExtension framework changed back to NS_ENUM (from NS_ERROR_ENUM), as it was before Xcode 11.0. (54134493)
    • Fixed a runtime crash that would occur when running watch apps statically linked with Swift libraries. (55082864)

    Swift Packages

    Resolved Issues

    • The scheme autogenerated for a Swift package will be automatically updated when the package adds or removes targets. (50586754, 54777895)


    Known Issues

    • Certain downloadable project files from the SwiftUI tutorials inside Xcode’s documentation viewer might fail during the download process. (55575465)Workaround: Open the web link using the sharing button and download the sample files directly from the online version of the tutorial.


    Known Issues

    • watchOS applications built with the watchOS 6 SDK and a deployment target of watchOS 5.3 will crash on launch. (55360395)Workaround: Set the __WKEXTENSIONMAIN_LEGACY_TARGET_5_3 build setting to “legacy,” or use another deployment target instead of 5.3.