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Download Free Windows 11 ISO 64 bit 32-bit Update: There is a lot of rumors that surround the release date of Windows 11 with most people anticipating that Microsoft has no plans of unleashing a new operating system. In part, this is because the software giant recently announced that Windows 10 would be its last release of the operating system. Download Windows latest ISO 32 bit and 64 bit and be updated. Download Windows 11 ISO 32 bit and 64 bit, Windows 2020 Mobile is used on smartphones, while Windows Mobile Enterprise provides mobility at the workplace. Windows 2020 IoT Core can be used on low-cost devices.

Windows 11 ISO file download 64/32 Bit Full version Google drive Files available on 24th June 2021. Windows 11 officially will release on 24th June 2021 at 11 AM ET. After release the Windows 11 ISO File 64 Bit Full version for Laptop/PC will be downloaded from Here’s Check the Windows 11 release date, features, system requirements & other updates .

LIVE Updates- Windows 11 launch event will start from 11 ET (08:30 PM IST) today on 24th June 2021. The windows 11 new features, release date, ISO File and Many more things will be discussed in this event. Stay tuned for the Video Link & other details.

Microsoft tweets on its official tweeter handle- “Microsoft event is getting closer, Join us on 24th June 11 ET, Set a reminder”

windows 11 ISO file 64 bit Direct download link google drive

Most of users in India already have Windows 11 Downloaded to their systems as the windows 11 leaked before its launch. We recommend All the consumer to Download the official windows 11 ISO file for 32/64 Bit systems , once available on the Official website. The Windows 11 ISO File 64 Bit download link will be available on Thursday.

Officially the Windows 11 ISO file will be available on the Official website of Although We have shared the Windows 11 ISO file 64 Bit full version Leaked google drive links here, But we strongly recommend not to download the leaked Windows 11 ISO file which are given below.

  1. Windows 11 ISO file Direct download- click here
  2. Windows 11 ISO File Direct download link 2- CLick here
  3. ISO File 64 Bit Google Drive Link- Click here
  4. Windows 11 ISO file Google drive Link 2- Click here
  5. Mega link- click here

Windows 11 Official release date

Officially, the Windows 11 release date is not yet finalized. As per the media reports & Microsoft tweeter handle- Microsoft is going to release the Window 11 On Thursday(24 June) at Microsoft big event. Microsoft will confirm the Windows 11 release date, launch date, WindowsFeatures & other updates. Stay tuned & check the official Microsoft news on 24th June at 11 AM ET.

Windows 11 Price In India

Windows 11 will be a free upgrade in India. Microsoft will not charge for upgradation to windows 11, its Free. But remember the Operating system is not Free at all. The consumer running windows 10 can easily upgrade to windows 11 without paying a single penny. we must wait till Thursday to know the price of windows 11 Operating System.

Windows 11 will available for Free/Paid Download across the world like United States, China, Japan, Germany, India, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Australia, Spain, Maxico, Indonesia, Turkey, Netherland, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Argentina, Sweden, Poland, Belgium countries.

Windows 11 Features & requirements

Microsoft will unveils the features of Windows 11 on Thursday(24th June). As the windows 11 version leaked already, so we have mentioned some of the features of Windows 11.

  1. New start Menu, taskbar menu, New Search Bar
  2. Task View- New task view this time
  3. New Options are added in windows 11 version
  4. New features added on Widget-weather Updates & news at a glance
  5. Snap Controls:- users can multitask easily with snap controls. You can snap windows in varied forms.

windows 11 requirements

Minimum Windows 11 System requirements are :-

  1. 1.2 GHZ single core processor for 32 Bit system
  2. 1.4 GHZ processor for 62 Bit System
  3. 2GB Ram or More
  4. 15 GB Available Hard Disk
  5. Screen resolution-1024 * 768

Configuration Recommended

  1. 2.0 GHZ Dual Core Processor
  2. 4 GB Ram
  3. 18 GB Hard Disk
  4. 1680 *1050 Screen resolution

How to install windows 11 ISO File 64 Bit

  1. first visit the Microsoft website
  2. Download the ISO File for 32 Bit or 64 Bit as per your system
  3. Now get the USB Drive having 16 GB Space
  4. Make the Pen drive Bootable with RUFUS
  5. Now launch the RUFUS & Select the Downloaded ISO File
  6. Don’t change anything make the Fields default & click on the Start Button
  7. Now windows 11 will visible in Your USB drive
  8. Now plug in the USB drive to your system/Laptop
  9. Start your laptop/PC & keep pressing the Boot key
  10. From the Boot device option, Select USB as primary installation
  11. Now enter the start Button & Windows 11 will started installing
  12. Now Choose Language, Time & Keyboard options
  13. Click on Install No button
  14. provide the Product key, if u don’t have then select I don’t have product key option
  15. Now select the windows 11 Edition & select the partition for windows 11 installation
  16. Click Next and your window 11 will start to Install.

Direct link of Windows 11 Download ISO Install 64 Bit Free windows 11.1 Upgrade 2021

Official Windows 11 release date?

24th June 2021 at 11:00 ET

How to Set up the Windows 11 ISO file 64 Bit ?

steps are mentioned above

WindowsHow to Download the Windows 11 ISO file 64 Bit to PC/Laptop

Download Windows 11 64 Bit Iso Pro

All the links are given above, please check out those download links

Windows 11 ISO Download 64 Bit, Full Version, Features & Download Link…We know that the new platform will be better than others and this will be expressed literally in everything. The development of the Windows 11 ISO OS is designed in such a way that long before the release of the preliminary build, insiders gain access to one of the following versions. No one knows why Microsoft’s plans have changed, which means that this year it’s not worth waiting for the release of a new version of the OS that Windows 11 ISO Download 64 Bit.

Users in Windows 11 ISO Download 64 Bit can rely on a completely new incredibly beautiful appearance of the entire interface, which will definitely please all users. This will be supplemented with new menu items and simplify the entire navigation to make the process of using this OS easier and more understandable.

So, it will provide high speed, enhanced security system, and at the same time a significant increase in battery life on laptops and tablets due to code optimization, the latest energy-saving algorithms, and a reduction in the number of background processes. However, this is far from everything that this platform for electronic devices can pleasantly please.

According to currently available data, the new operating system will be able to update seamlessly for the user, that is, all updates will load in the background, and then quietly take effect without the need to reboot or exit the system. This will greatly simplify the process of installing updates since it does not require spending money. This, without a doubt, will please all users.

Moreover, the installation system for updates in Windows 11 Release Date will be as reliable as possible, so if something suddenly breaks partially or completely, the user will be able to return everything back in a couple of clicks within a couple of weeks after spending literally 5 minutes.

Windows 11 System Requirements / Windows 11 ISO Download 64 Bit:

Below is the minimum expected system requirement for Win11 installation.

  • 2 GHz single-core processor (32-bit)
  • OR 1.4 GHz single-core processor (64-bit)
  • 2 GB RAM or more
  • Approximately 15 GB of available hard disk space.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution

Windows 11 Release Date / Microsoft Win 11 Lunch Date 2021:

Right now, no set date for the release of Windows 11 is Available. But, An event is scheduled for 24 June 2021 where Microsoft will be talking about the next generation of Windows. This event is scheduled for 11 AM on June 24. So we can expect that they will announce the Microsoft Windows 11 Launch Date on that day.

How to Install Windows 11 64 Bit?

  1. Download the ISO file from the download link.
  2. Grab a USB drive (With at least 16GB of Space) and make it bootable.
  3. You can make this Pendrive bootable using Rufus.
  4. Launch Rufus and select Windows 11 ISO file which you just downloaded.
  5. Don’t alter any other field and keep them all as default and then click on the Start button at the bottom.
  6. After that Windows 11 will be flashed on your USB drive.
  7. Plug this USB Drive into the system where you want to install Windows 11.
  8. Now restart your laptop/ PC and keep pressing the boot key.
  9. Choose USB Drive as primary from the Boot Device Options.
  10. After pressing the Enter button, Windows 11 installation process will start.
  11. Now Choose your Language, Time, and Keyboard Input Method.
  12. Click on Install Now.
  13. As you do not have the product key, click the “I don’t have a product key” option.
  14. Select the Windows 11 Edition you want to install.
  15. Select the partition for Windows 11 Installation.
  16. Click next and Your windows will start to install.

How to Download Windows 11 ISO 64 Bit?

As we know that the Download Win 11 64 Bit Version was leaked online and many people have uploaded it on Google Drive and shared it online. The direct link to download the ISO file is Here. We do not recommend you download and install the leaked version on your device as it can be full of malware. Hacker may have included some code in this file to steal your information so please do it at your own risk.

Special Features Of Windows 11 ISO 64 Bit:

  • New Start Menu, Taskbar, and Search Bar
  • New Animations are added while moving and dragging the windows. Even Opening a new window, closing, and minimize tap have different animation than earlier versions of Windows.
  • Touch controls are improved significantly. Windows 11 will have various problems fixed which were there in windows 10.
  • Featured add to perform multitask with windows like split-screen, creating groups of various task windows, etc.
  • New sounds are added in this version. After the release of Windows 10 in 2015, no significant changes were made in the sounds. But in Windows 11, you will see various new sound options.
  • Rounded Corners: Pointy corners will not be available in Windows 11. Corners of various bars will be made round.
  • New icons are added which will make it more attractive than the earlier versions.
  • Various new Widgets are added in this version.
  • You will have access to dark mode also.

Final Words:

This is all we know about Windows 11 ISO Download 64 Bit for now. Be sure to bookmark this page to keep getting the latest updates.