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Yes, download Safari if you want a solid browser that’s purpose-built for Mac. If you need more speed or move between iOS, Android, and Windows, you may want to look at.

Safari is Apple’s web browser, which keeps getting quicker and safer. It has a smart search bar, tabs, and a unique Split View version specifically for iPad users. With this browser, You will be able to view Shared Links and attach articles to your Reading List or get to your gathered passwords and credit cards through iCloud. Furthermore, you can also pay money for products and services by using Apple Pay, which is the company’s guarded contactless payment system. In this article, we will guide you how to download Safari for Windows.

What is Safari for Windows?


Safari is the graphical network browser that was formed by Apple, supported on the WebKit engine. Initially, it was released on the desktop in 2003 with Mac OS X Panther. Safari was also released in a mobile version that has been filled with iOS devices since the iPhone’s launch in the year 2007 to 2012 and discontinued after that.

Safari is also a default web browser on Apple devices including iPhone,iPad.

For the Windows version leading to Safari for Windows, it was released in the year 2007.

How to download Safari for Windows?

Apple has discontinued providing updates for Safari for Windows. Also, there are no glitch fixes or bits accessible for the users of Windows PC. If you’re a designer or a UI tester, you first have to verify browser adaptability for your project. This can be where downloading and working with Safari on a Windows PC becomes inevitable. Here we’ll discuss the way to download Safari on Windows.

  • Download the executable file of Safari for Windows with the following link, copy and paste in the browser
  • By following this, the downloading will automatically start.
  • After downloading Safari for Windows 10 by using a compressed file, extricate the contents of the installation file into a target folder.
  • Then Double-click on Safari.exe to begin Safari Browser on your Windows 10.
  • Press on Next and then click on Finish to end the installation.
  • Start the browser.

Also, Recognize the version that you have installed on your computer is an earlier version. Apple doesn’t support the Windows version of Safari. It is not in development. If you want to run Safari on Windows that’s entirely up to you.

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Why should you download Safari for Windows?

Safari is the best browser when it comes to the features, Apple continues to develop them so as to maintain its name of “The Best Browser Ever”.

Some of such features include:

  1. HTML5 Support for developing
  2. Web Inspector
  3. New Safari Reader
  4. On-Device Learning
  5. Flight Tracking
  6. Word Definitions
  7. Stop Cross-Site Tracking
  8. Calculations & Conversions
  9. Settings Can Be Customized Per Website
  10. Change a Site’s Page Size on the Spot
  11. Request Mobile Website Option
  12. Choose Photo Sizes for Uploads
  13. Save All Open Tabs as Bookmarks

1. HTML5 Support for developing

  • The Safari browser is one of the best for HTML. Some of the latest HTML5 highlights included in Safari 5 include:
  • assistance for fullscreen video with fastened captioning
  • Support for geolocation
  • Includes AJAX History, drag and drop
  • It has nearly all of the HTML5 input types
  • Now, provides official support for the new HTML5 elements such as <article>, <header> and <footer>.

Safari 11 Download For Windows 10

2. Web Inspector

A great web inspector is very important to web developers. The following are some of the best features offered by Safari browser

  • CSS Inspector
  • DOM Inspector
  • Resource Panel
  • JavaScript Inspector
  • Timeline Panel
  • Audits Panel
  • Console

3. Safari Reader

Safari Reader is basically a means to get all of the disturbances out of your way when you just want to read the article. Same as the Readability bookmarklet, Safari Reader instantly identifies pages with an article in them and offers a button in the toolbar that will obtain the manuscript and pictures just from the article part of the page and presents them in a pleasantly readable font.

4. On-Device Learning

The browser offers a Siri feature which helps When you’re studying a subject in Safari, the information is received, encrypted, and saved locally. While this data is never straightly shared with Apple, Siri will manage the data to assist you while you’re using other Apple apps.

5. Flight Tracking

Safari has created it very simpler to trace any flight in its browser. All you have to do is, Just type the airline title and flight number into Safari’s address bar, then the first suggestion will take you straight to a map where you can observe the flight’s progress.

6. Word Definitions

Safari’s address bar also works double function as a dictionary. All you have to type is “define <word>” into the address bar at the top of your screen, and don’t need to press go, the definition will automatically appear as the top suggestion. For some words, you don’t have to type define too.

7. Stop Cross-Site Tracking

Apple also created the latest highlight that applies machine knowledge to intelligently stop sites from tracking you utilizing data collected from various sites. This is normal practice with internet ads, and it stops you from seeing different ads when you search for a product on the web.

8. Calculations & Conversions

Apple added another feature as the ability to change units of measurement and complete basic math straight from Safari’s address bar.

9. Request Mobile Website Option

Before, when you choose “Request Desktop Site,” and after that, you wanna go back to mobile view it will still stay “Request Desktop Site”, but now in this browser, it’ll offer you another option stating “Request Mobile Site.”

10. Custom settings Per Website

This Safari browser also offers you to change the website according to your preference with a website settings option


You can choose to load a website in Reader View always, set the default zoom level, enable or disable Content Blockers, and set permissions for Camera, Location, and Mic to perform all the functions like ask, deny in macOS’s Safari.

11. Choose Photo Sizes for Uploads

If you would like to upload a photo to a web site in Safari, iOS 13 gives a choice to choose its upload size. Choices range from small, medium, large, or actual size, with the file size clearly stated next to every option.

12. Save All Open Tabs as Bookmarks

The new Safari adds a feature to save all of your open tabs as bookmarks, for better reference. It’s a feature Safari on macOS has. If you’re using an iPhone, simply long-press the bookmarks icon, so you can save them to a custom folder in your preferred location.

13. Set a Time for Tabs to Auto-Close

When you’re opening the tabs viewer in Safari, it should present you with options for “Automatically Close Tabs” after a specified amount of your time. But If you still prefer the manual way, go into settings in the Safari and can see the “Closed Tabs” section to change it to auto-close tabs after every day, week, or month.

Why run old Safari versions today?

You might be wondering, why even try to download and install Safari for Windows when this version hasn’t even been supported and developed in years? Well, the answer to you is you do not need it.

But, for other advanced users, like developers, designers, compatibility testers, support techs, and other similar situations, it is often necessary to possess older browsers available for testing purposes or for supporting a selected client. That’s a touch like how some Mac users run old IE versions together with new releases of IE like Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft come on Mac OS too for the identical testing purposes it’s not relevant for many people, but some need it for various reasons.

More than half of people in the world use Windows as their actual operating system. And the number of users are increasing day by day. As the users are increasing the demands are also increasing. Like some want macOS features or install macOS on Windows which is also possible. One of the common questions most users want, can we install Safari on Windows 10, does it work. How can we install Safari on Windows.

Safari is a macOS browser which is particularly in Mac. Safari works like Chrome and you can open browse everywhere in Safari. Chrome is popular as the name of Google and it makes new updates, articles, videos, and a lot of information and educational content. But for Mac users or Apple product users, searching is done by Safari. In Safari also you can find very useful and educational updates.

In Google Chrome you can find convincing and accurate answers of questions related to your body, work, world, school projects, or anything else. You just need to ask your question from Google with correct spelling and grammar. And it will show the most relevant and most recent articles, videos, and conversations results in your question. Safari also does the same but with a different display. Google is a search engine but Safari is a browser. Safari is a default Apple app which comes with almost all of the Apple products but it doesn’t mean Windows or Linux users can’t install or use it.

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Apple doesn’t support Safari in Windows because of lack of interest. Before 2012 Apple used to support Windows and Windows users could use Safari but after 2012 Apple didn’t support Windows anymore. But if you are a Windows user, doesn’t matter whether you’re a Windows 7 or 10 user, you can definitely use Safari.

Everyone has a choice and can use the browser that they want. Some users want to use Safari due to they like its setup and according to them using Safari is easier than Google Chrome. Users can update Safari but if you install the new macOS Catalina, the latest updates for apps also come withit. Safari with its latest updates comes with macOS Catalina preloaded. macOS Catalina brought new features and new updates in apps like Safari, Music, Podcast, TV, and a few more apps.

Updates in Safari

Apple has made new updates in Safari and that’s why most Apple users prefer Safari because Safari is secure and fast. Safari blocks ads that might track users and this is one of the friendly updates in Safari. You have the option to allow or block ads in it. In the new updates, Safari has more focused on websites and copyrighting speeches. Safari browser controls websites and manages cookies and website data. Safari users can clear search history and know about the time when they searched it. There are many updates in Safari which we will include in another article.

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All of the Mac, iPhone, and Apple iPad users can upgrade their old Safari version to the new version by changing a few settings. If you want Safari browser to work you can reset that. For knowing version of your Safari browser, you need to go Settings of your Apple device from there select General. In General click on Software Update. You will see the version of your Safari browser by clicking on Software Update. According to Apple, these updates are not available for Windows users but there’s a trick to do it. In this article, I’ll show how to install Safari on Windows 10 PC.

How to Install Safari on Windows 10 PC

Before we start installing Safari in Windows PC we need to download it from a safe place. Download Safari from the link and select which version do you want to download. All the versions of Safari are available. I recommend downloading the latest version of Safari but you can download any version.

Download Safari

Wait for a while until the downloading is complete. After the downloading is complete you should double click on the downloaded exe and it will show the welcome installer wizard. Click Next to start the process.

On this page, you need to agree with the license agreement and click Next.

How to Install Safari on Windows 10 PC

Choose the installation options for Safari. Mark both options and click Next.

Select where you want Safari to install and click Install.

After clicking on the install button Safari will start installing on your computer. It will take a little bit, so wait for it. When the installation is done a page will open with the title of Congratulations. Click Finish to complete the process.

Safari browser is now downloaded and installed in your Windows and you can use that.

How to Install Safari on Windows 10 PC

I use Safari and Google and they both have their own features and cool things, Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comment section below. If you want to know more about Safari and Google Chrome let us know in the comment section. If you have any questions related to title or installation process, you can ask in comments. We create new educational content like this. For supporting us subscribe to our website and comment below.