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Windows 2000 Pro ISO CD-KEY: XFD2W - W7VH8 - MVC47 - KY7DQ - P8Y4J. Windows for Workgroups Version 3.11: 18016 - 010 - 0187302. Also Packard Bell Master Recovery CD. Packard Bell Master Restore Diskettes. Unfortunately I didn't copy the web page that indicated which file goes exactly with which master CD's.' And some of them weren't available for download. These disks were also known as Multimedia Master diskettes. You can also open up these exe files in Winzip to extract the raw disk image file.

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The most endangered memories.

Packard Bell Master CD (170369)(Packard Bell) This appears to be for Packard Bell PB450 and PB470 motherboards, at least from the 'det-pb.exe' program in the root directory. Packard Bell Navigator is an alternate user interface that replaces the Windows 3.1 Program Manager shell. It presents the content of your computer as a series of rooms. Packard Bell bundled this with their Windows 3.1 computers. It was intended as an aid for first-time users purchasing computers to reduce computer returns, with a focus on. Re: REQ Packard Bell Legend Master CD Post by The Distractor » Tue May 31, 2011 11:01 am Can you upload it to megaupload for me please (it obviously wouldn't be accepted on BA FTP) as it seems to be a recovery CD and i am interested in them.

If your here at this site, chances are your into computers on some level. Im in no way a computer expert (far from it) but I am an average joe and I would like to share some of my first (and fondest) memories on computers and the internet.
This isnt my computer but its the same exact model we had, im sure many of you had one of these Packard Bell's. PC World voted Packard Bell as one of the top ten worst pcs ever, but when my family brought this machine into our home in 1994 it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. We all talk about our love of our old gaming systems such as NES and Genesis, but what about your first pc? We purchase things from track jackets to belt buckles that bear the image of nintendo controlers and such but where are the t-shirts for packard bell and windows 95? Many of us talk about the hundreds of games and movies we loved as kids; but what about all the software and game applications from the past? The more we advance in technology the more these memories are lost in time.
Above is the Windows 95 disc Microsoft included with each pc purchased with Windows installed. Its pretty much just a few random games and videos that showcased just what windows was capable of. Nothing special at all by todays standards; but like fire to primative cave men this was amazing to me.
One of the music videos included was Buddy Holly from Weezer, one of my favorite songs at the tme. The video quality was very poor compared to MTV, but the fact that I could watch a Weezer video any time I wanted to on my computer was revolutionary. I must have watched this video a thousand times.
I dont remember this movie at all. What I do remember is the trailer for it that was included on the Windows 95 disc. Now days the internet is filled with literally millions of movie trailers but this had to be the first movie trailer on a computer ever. Funny though, im sure even with it's inclusion with every pc that was sold back then, the movie still didnt do well. This disc also had a really fun bumper game on it, sorry I couldnt find a single picture from it on the internet (and thats something you cant say often). Just more proof that these are dying memories.
Another free software program included was the Spiderman Cartoon Maker. It was pretty much a primitave version of flash software where you made your own clippets of Spiderman. I didnt realize until today how much this must have influenced me in my life, I now work at an advertising company editing video; its clear that my time playing with this software as a kid lead to my interest in the field today.
The last of the free software im gonna be talking about today is Encarta 95. At its time of conception there was nothing like it. Today the internet has become an endless supply of information; any question you have can be answered with just a few clicks. Until Encarta came out I had to do all of my research on the families giant encyclopedia set from the eighties. Im not saying that it had a ton of information because to be honest it was quite limited; but it really did set the groundwork for what internet encyclopedias would come to be.
One of the greatest things Encarta 95 introduced me to was David Bowie. I had never heard of him as a kid but here he was on encarta with pictures, music samples and a biography. That picture above is the exact picture used on Encarta, and for years I thought that was how he always looked. It was very suprising to me when I saw his Ziggy Stardust and cross dressing phases.
The computer was more than just an eductaional tool for me, as we all know the pc came with a few games too. Above is a picture of SKIFREE a game until today, I had completely forgot about. Skifree was a very simple game, you pretty much just ski'd down an endless mountain, hitting jumps and avoiding trees. I say endless but its really not; after a while a giant Sasquatch comes out and eats you.
Scary huh?
The first game I ever bought for the pc was Wolfenstein 3D, packaged with Doom. Now I played Doom just as much as the next guy ; but I feel it deserves its own article so I wont get into it. Instead, ill talk a bit about Wolfenstein. Many dont know this but Wolfenstein 3D is actually a sequel to Castle Wolfenstein on the Apple 2 in 1981. I never played it but from what I understand, it was more of a stealth based game like metal gear.
The level designs were anything but special, I use the phrase 'level design' loosely, considering each level is just a bunch of square rooms on a flat plane. But it was the first game to ever make me feel as if I was really inside of it. The game immersed me in its pixelated world of nazis and german shepherds. The greatest part? Killing Hitler all over again! Except this time the furher got a giant robot suit.
All hail RoboHitler!
Often we talk of our fond memories of Doom and Wolfenstein. To me, there are a number of subjects that have been talked about so much to the point that they shouldnt really even be talked about anymore. For example ' Man I love Super Mario Bros. That game was so much fun!' Yeah I know it is, we all know it is, it goes without saying. My point? Id like to leave my stamp on as a person who conjures up forgotten memories, things you loved but dont remember you love. One perfect example of what im talking about is Chex Quest.
Yes thats a man inside of a giant piece of cereal zapping green aliens. Looks insane? You bet it was. But it was also a ton of fun. You were the Chex Warrior and you used weapons like spinning sporks to defeat the green flemoids. You may have never played or heard of this game, but it has a massive fanbase; so much to the point that unofficial sequals have been created by fans.
'Eat spork flemoid!!'
The game also came with 50 free hours of AOL! Can you remember when free AOL hours actually meant something? It was insane! They started off advertising 10 free hours then by the end of it they were giving away 789,039 free hours (or something like that). Me and my friends use to steal them (even though they were free) from stores just to have something to throw at each other. I used to work at a store that gave these away and I spent much of my free time finding new ways to destroy them... useless things.
Speaking of useless things... what about AOL itself? Does anybody use AOL nowadays? I mean I have an old email I use from AOL but as far as actually signing on and checking the chatrooms out, that hasnt happened in years. I think the last time I actually did check the chatrooms out they were as dead as a graveyard. Its amazing that AOL has become so obsolete, it used to be the one and only way to get online but with high speed internet, AOL has gone the way of the dinosaur.
The biggest example of how computer technology is full of dying memories is the internet itself. How can I go back and enjoy the oldness of circa 1996? Answer: You cant, unless someone has made a clone site (wich is highly doubtful). Just look at that advertisment! Wow, they have something called a 'gallery', what a joke! They even feel the need to showcase the awesome 'main screen', wow. Its great to say that I was around when there was only a hand full of websites.
We all know that the internet has changed the music bizz forever, but remember the first time you saw one of these? I didnt even know what it was for, I thought it was for taking tracks from your other cds and putting them together on this disc, sort of like a mix tape but on cd. I had no idea that the mp3's I had been downloading could be put on it. Speaking of Mp3's do you remember how you used to download them back in the day, way before napster or limewire was around? You used to just download them from various sites that had anywhere between ten to a hundred mp3's for
your choosing.The site I used, has been down for years.
And how did you move your mp'3 from computer to computer? You sure as hell didnt use one of these things. I remember being pissed off when my family got a computer that didnt come with a floppy drive 'dont we need one of those?!'. No, we didnt need a floppy drive then, or ever again. Not unless we have half a photo somewhere we need to check out.
If you remember what the screen above here, you get 25 extra bonus points for the game you didnt even know you were playing. As I said im not a computer expert and my memory is very limited, but this was how i remembered things progressing. Hope you enjoyed my article and remember you Simon Cowells of RetroJunk....
'if you cant say something nice, dont nothing at all'-Thumper
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When is somebody going to share a Packard Bell Master/ software bundle ISO??? Been dying to see Student Reference Library again!
I was pretty young, but i remember my first pc when i was 6 i got a desktop with windows 98. I was in love. The only thing i played was Putt-putt, Pajama Sam, and Freddie fish! Yes i know stupid little kid games, but at the time it was awesome!
Thank you so much for posting this. It brings back such fond memories of back in the day when computers were foreign and wonderful. My first PC was a Packard Bell. I bought it not knowing a thing about computers. So many fond and frustrating memories! I never met anyone who knew what Navigator was. When I saw the photo, it really came back to me. It was the first interface I had ever used. I thought it was windows! I was so naive! As I recall, there was a book or something that one could click on to get to the 'Windows 95' interface. I remember clicking on that and thinking, wow, what is THIS? Good days. And I admit when I seen the picture of SKIFREE, I said aloud 'I had forgotten all about that!' People born later in life will never know what it was like in 'the frontier' when no one had a computer and we had to learn on our own. You know, for the bad reputation they had, that P-Bell never once gave up on me. Had it for years and even put an Intel CPU Upgrade kit on it!
Dude, Great Article. This was our first PC in 1995. It cost over £2500!!! We had computer classes at school so when we turned it on and 'navigator' booted up I was like 'Er dad, this isn't what it should be like. Where is the windows bar & icon etc' He wasn't happy and had Navigator removed and Win95 properly installed. It was weird, I remeber there was like a games room part upstairs where you could play a 'simon says' style game. I Remember SkiFree big time, I played that for hours. My favourite old school PC game has to be 'Worms' THE greatest game ever! (We had 'Worms Reunited') I was alegend with the nija rope, and I still remember the cheat to make the uzi fire bazooka rounds, lol. I've searched the internet all over for it so I can play it today but no joy. Thanks for the article, Good memories.
For all the thousands of you who purchased a Packard Bell MuLTimEdiA PC circa 1995, how about these blast-from-the-past bundled titles:
Encarta '95
Mindscape Complete Reference Library (I spent hours going through its music samples)
Sports Illustrated 1995 Multimedia Almanac
Guinness Multimedia Disc of Records
Mayo Clinic Family Health Book
The ISP trifecta of AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy
Tune Land
Silent Steel
The Journeyman Project Turbo (loved that game!)
..and for the 93-94 Packard Bells, how about that futuristic racing game imaginatively titled 'Mega Race'...?
I remember UPGRADING to Win95, lol. In fact, I remember upgrading from Windows 3.0 to WIndows 3.1 and then to Windows 95 and then buying a comoputer with Windows 98, and so on and so on. Thanks for this article, love it. By the by, if I get too bored later today i may post on article on my Packard Bell Legend 316sx with a whopping 1MB RAM and 40MB hard drive, lol.
I was hoping there would be an article like this somewhere on the internets but I wasn't getting my hopes up. But I'm so glad this was written.
I was addicted to that Encarta game where you travel through the dungeons, with a limited number of matchsticks to reveal the map or something. There was also this CD full of music videos that came with the computer. My favorites were 'Lump' by The Presidents of the United States, 'Raul and the Kings of Spain' by Tears for Fears and one particular song by Winston Marseilles; I don't know the title track but it's burned in my head.
Ah, floppy disk drives. I actually recently purchased one for about $2 ($1.99 too much?) to check out my bad poetry I wrote when I was 11. But then my dad immediately broke it. Darn it.
I remember having some sort of encyclopedia! I don't recall if it was Encarta or not. But I did enjoy looking at the music biographies and listening to the sound clips. Completely forgot about that until just now.
Dude, I had a Packard Bell in 1996. I didn't know nothing about computers back then. I do now though. I had a Packard Bell tower with a P1 133MHz, 1MB Video Ram, 16MB Memory with Windows 95. I thought it was the thing back then till I noticed faster computers months later. My Packard Bell had so many problems every time that Circuit City didn't want to see me again during those years. I still have the old piece of crap in my house.
I used to get in trouble for being on AOL too long when I was a would show you the minutes you used up after you signed off. GROUNDED! Hahaha!
I Still Have The Packard Bell Window's 95 Computer.
I Play SkiFree Every Once In A While && My Cousins Use KidPix.
Good Times.
This may easily be one of the best articles ever, for the mere fact that I used to LOVE Chex Quest!!!!!
skifree- loved it! great game!
SkiFree....! YESSS! Talk about your random stuff. Awesome.
Remember when they came out with a mouse that had...GASP!...THREE buttons?!?!? In all seriousness, each generation is getting more and more spoiled with all these new perfect looking games. I still think Wolfenstein 3D needs to be either a movie or an awesome PS3 or 360 game.
Oh man this brings back some memories for me too. The first computer I had was a Windows 95, Gateway. At home I think there is still so much free AOL crap lying there. I totally remember that Skifree game, it was addictive. I have the encarta 95 and the atlas, all good times.
I loved this. It really brought me back to the first computer we had in my house (although my grandparents had an older one). I remember that Weezer video...I thought it was so cool to be able to watch it on the computer. I must've watched it about 80 times. And Encarta Encyclopedia was the best. There was this trivia game that came with it...I forget what it was called but it took place in medieval times.
The game is called MindMaze! great game; I used to play it at he library after school for hours.
Great article, it totally brought back some great early pc memories for me. I remember the days of AOL chatroooms, I wonder if anyone still uses them...probably not.
thanks for the suggestion surfingtehchaos, but no 1996 wwf.
'How can I go back and enjoy the oldness of circa 1996?'
Ah, I remember Skifree! and Wolfenstein 3D! I had the latter on my computer.
Oh yes, Encarta....I loved Encarta, I spent hours looking at pictures on there...and the 360 degree picture thing they had (or maybe that was on Encarta 98...?) I wish I still had Encarta.
Ahh the memories. To be poor and living in Alabamer. I got my first computer which was a Toshiba Satellite Laptop for 50 bucks from one of my friends dads. It was the most awesome thing ever. Of course I got AOL imediately so I could chat with hot chicks (no doubt 16 year old boys pretending to be girls) and play games online. I played with computers at school but that was all i got till that laptop. Now i program computers for a living and wish i could get it back just to see how really bad it was. Great article.
Hehe...thanks for the sweet memories. I had that Packard Bell too. Ahh, the good ol' days...
Packard bell master cd windows 3.11 iso download 64-bit
great article! I love classic computing and gaming. I still have our first pc that ran windows 95. it still fires up like it was 1995. I only have it to play some of the older games and get that nostalgia trip. I replaced and ghosted the hd a few years ago to keep it going strong. it's a great old computer and nothing beats rebooting to go into DOS mode to play some old games .
You just brought me back. Loved the article. 5 stars!!
Geez...AOL...I can't believe that it was the first way my family and I got online back in 1999...on a Mac too. LOL Then, when we got our first Windows based computer in 2001, we had MSN for a while which wasn't that big of a deal. We had that for about five years and then we discovered the cable company was offering high speed internet at a decent price. I can't believe the internet was only 28.8 Kb/s back my family gets 100 mb/s. The one thing I don't miss about the old internet is dialing up and tying up the phone and pissing my family off with the phone bill...good
thank you so much, i remembered the game skifree but could never remember the name, that brings back some great memoroes. I also remember a game on encarta that i used to play where you navigated through a maze answering questions, good times.
Wow, you know, with as fast as technology moves and has always moved it's almost gotten hard to look back past the last 6 or 7 years without running out of memory space to even think about it with the sheer amount out there. But I remember the Windows 95 days and that era. I remember getting our first computer with a CD-ROM. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen, but almost just a novelty at the time. Cell phones practically have more power thest days. Sure makes you wonder where things will be in another 14 years like that. It's just crazy. I do remember Encarta, and Skifree. Those very early days of the internet were just nuts in comparison to today too. I can remember having a dial up connection that hardly every connected, then once it did you were always disconnected! On top of that, if you did actually connect and stay that way for a while, it was SO slow.
Love SKIFREE. Played on so many salvaged 380s.
my fave 90's pc games are wing commander series, Dune, (sam and max, day of the tentacle, maniac mansion type games), Wolfenstien 3D, Rebel assualt star wars games, oyyy so many to name... I'm sorry but I miss these games i think it sucks most pc games are usually FPS now..
I remember playing SKIFREE along with a few other arcade games I can't remember. ^_^;;;;

Packard Bell Master Cd Windows 3.11 Iso Downloadd

Great article. I used to spend hours just looking at pictures on my encyclopedia disk. I used to think wow real pictures on a computer. We had no internet.
I'm reminded of a game called Epic Pinball. Great article! =)
Oh man. Our family's first computer was a Packard Bell almost identical to that one. It didn't have Windows 95 though. I think ours was bought in '94 shortly before Windows 95 came out. I remember that 'Navigator' app, and I too thought that was just how it was supposed to work. then my brother had his friend uninstall it and revert to the Windows 3.1 screen and I was like, 'WTF!!! What is this you broke it!'. Ours came with some cool educational software (I think you could choose from different packages, and since I was a big nerd I demanded we get the nerd stuff). One had this game kind of like a shooter where you went through the human body zapping germs and stuff. I also remember Chex Quest and how for some reason it was actually really fun and popular for something you got free in a cereal box. My friend had that Spiderman Cartoon maker and we always made the characters do naughty stuff to MJ. Thanks for this.
Wow, I totally forgot about Encarta 95, great article!
The best part about Encarta was the Trivial Pursuit-esque game it came with, where you had to go from room to room in a castle answering questions. I think you could use the encyclopedia for 'hints'. I spent hours playing that. Yeah, I'm a geek....
I liked this article...while I still maintain that 1995 is generally not retro to me, the rapid advancement of computer tech is such that Win95/Packard Bell/AOL seems ancient now!!
I hate dead technology but this brought me back for sure. I played 'Chips Challenge' on my friends PC back when Win 95 just came out.
LOL, I remember when my dad bought our first computer! It was a HP pavillion and I thought it was the best thing ever! I remember playing endless minesweeper and times when my sister figured out the password to my account. Anyways, the worst part ( the best part then) was AOL. It was a dream putting on the computer, clicking the AOL icon and putting in my username and password. The best part was yet to come. When the screeching and whistling of my computer came it was like music to my ears, and plus I loved to hear the peoples voices greeting me, saying 'You've got mail!' and Saying 'Goodbye'. Those were the good ol days.But I like high speed better. I had to wait like five minutes for the page to load!
I remember waiting forever for AOL to connect. Every day was like Christmas!
Very good article! The first computer my family ever had was also a Packard Bell. My whole family liked that computer except for my dad, he never used the Packard Bell because he really hates computers (and he still does to this day). I also remember my oldest brother using AOL all the time.
I always felt lame for playing Chex quest when I could have been playing Wolfenstein (which I did a lot of also), but it was so fun. I also remember wasting time in middle school computer labs looking up nonsense with Encarta. Nice article.
Thanks for the awesome comments, I was a little worried people wouldnt connect with the topic but I guess I was wrong.Andy P and RoadGeek get the points! By the way the word 'say' is missing from the article once (my bad).
Thats a different computer, but the first comp. we got was a Packard Bell with all those same programs. I loved that bumper game what ever it was called. Did you also have the disk with the childrens encyclopedia on it? I forgot the name but it was something by Knoweldge Adventure with FMVs of teens talking about different things, and instructing you for the games. BTW that program at the end is Packard Bell navigator. Do I also get the points for finding the childrens version as well?

Packard Bell Master Cd Windows 3.11 Iso Download

I remember all of those AOL cds, they made great destructable Frisbees
I can really related to this article. My first computer was a Packard Bell we got in December 1995, with good old Windows 95. I used to scream when that SkiFree monster would get me!
Oh, and that program at the end is Packard Bell Navigator. Where's my extra 25 points?
wow skifree... i haven't played that game since '97...
(goes to download skifree)
big ups on this article! i too agree on AOL and it's countless CD install discs
I too remember skifree and a few other cool games.

Packard Bell Master Cd Windows 3.11 Iso Download Full

Dude, I remember playing Skifree on my Packered Bell! Nice touch!