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Windows 11 Download Free For PC Updated: Windows 11 is the most updated operating system available in the market. People have been using windows software for a very long time. Everybody is looking forward to more secure and easy-to-use operating system software. We have been through a lot of evolution of windows systems. First, we got to know about windows 98, XP, ME and then 7, 8,9, and many more. All of these operating systems have always demanded more from the system.

All of the IT professionals have been looking out for a perfect solution for the operating system and Windows 11 is one of the most prominent and efficient solutions for the operating systems available in the market. Besides any other systems like Linux or mac windows is one of the most compatible ones. Therefore, we suggest that we you go for the latest copy of the windows 11 download. This can do in multiple ways.

You can go for any other pirated site and can get yourself crooked in between or you can for the official website as well. Below are some points explained throughout for downloading oriental windows 11 download

  1. Jan 25, 2017 There is no Windows 11. The free upgrade to Windows 10 offer from Microsoft expired on the 29th July, 2016. But Microsoft has a number of exceptions in place for users that missed out on the free upgrade and they have currently not stated any end date to these exceptions, but will adjust as necessary.
  2. May 07, 2021 Faster. Internet Explorer 11 makes the web blazing fast on Windows 7. Now with Bing and MSN defaults for an improved web experience. Fast: Fast at loading sites and fluid as you navigate through them. Easy: Seamless with Windows, it just works the way that you want. Safer: Better protection from threats and increased privacy online.

The process to download windows 11 from the official website

In order to go for windows 11 download all, you need to go on is google and type This website is the sole entity of holding all the products under the name of Microsoft. Just for the sake of information, it is important to understand that these products fall under the Microsoft organization. Now you go on the official website and search for windows 11. Once you find the right search results you just need to click on the package you are looking for. There will be yearly based licensed subscription to operate systems which are supposed to be renewed after a particular time period. Hence buy according to your need.

Apr 28, 2019 - That’s a million-worth question. How to find the original download link for Windows 11 ISO PRO. Well, you are in the right place. The original download link for Windows 11 ISO PRO is. Windows 11 download iso 64 bit 32 bit Free Microsoft came with a Windows DVD or a hidden partition to reinstall or update their system.

Once you have bought the product and completed the payment system you will get the pdf for the documentation and a copy of the download. Therefore, you are supposed to go for the link and download through that given link. You can also go for the documentation details.

These details are important as you are supposed to activate the windows product once you download the entire windows 11 download. This product key is viable for the duration till you are supposed to use the license of the product.

Activating the license key

License key is supposed to be entered during the installation process through the installation. Once you enter the key all you need to do to make sure is your system is connected to internet and your details have been registered perfectly in the database of Microsoft.


Windows 11 download is very easy if you see but we make it complex by downloading it through other fake sites which don’t give any grantee about the security of the software and your system. Therefore, we suggest you to go for the original website and real product.

Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date, ISO File 64 / 32 Bit Free Download Link…Hello EveryOne, Welcome to Microsoft Windows 11 ISO File 32 / 64 Bit Free Download Link, Leak News, Features, Release date, System requirement, Setup size, how to download and install details are available on this page. Soon after the leak of Windows 11 Features and ISO files, Tech-savvy people have gone crazy for all the information about Windows 11 that they can get. If you are one of those crazy ones, do check the complete article for further details.

Windows 11 download free 2020

In 2015, Windows 10 was launched that Microsoft was adamant that they will not create another version of windows. But, there are revolutionary times for technology and new technology is being introduced every day. So, Microsoft decided to launch Windows 11 and Windows 11 for all users.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Free Download For Windows 8.1 32 Bit


Windows 11 32 Bit File Download / Windows 11 64 Bit Download:

Many of the users have started to search for the Windows 11 32/ 64 bit ISO file even now. Let us tell you that this version of windows is yet to be released. On June 24, some announcements will be made about the release of Windows 11.1. Once Win11.1 is released and available for download, it will be available on the official portal of Microsoft itself.

The Win11 ISO file will be provided free to the users (Early prediction) and users will not have to pay for the new version. We recommend upgrading your OS to Win11 as soon as it is available. Because, after a given time frame, Microsoft can make it paid too. Windows 11 ISO file will be available for bot 32 and 64 bit operating systems. You will have to download the ISO file of the version as per your OS.

Windows 11 Release Date:

Right now, no set date for the release of Windows 11.1 is Available. But, An event is scheduled for 24 June 2021 where Microsoft will be talking about the next generation of Windows. This event is scheduled for 11 AM on June 24. So we can expect that they will announce the Windows 11.1 release date on that day.

Buy Windows 11 Price / Download Windows 11 Free Link:

It is being expected that Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for those who are already running Windows 10, 7, and Windows 8.1 in their systems. Microsoft had run a similar free upgrade method for Windows 10 in the previous years. Providing Windows 11.1 for free will help Microsoft to bring more users to the latest version of Microsoft Windows. It will also help safely removing the old operating systems from the devices of users who are no longer supported by the company.

Microsoft Windows 11 News Updates

Windows 11 is set for release on June 24, 2021. But it was leaked already on the internet. Some key features of Windows 11 and various others details were leaked. In the leaks, it can be seen that a new start menu is designed for the new version. There are many other interface-level changes that were seen in the Windows 11 Leaked news.

The new start menu will have rounded corners and a new startup sound. This upgrade will be a simplified and faster version of what we are using in Windows 10. This will include various pinned apps, recent files, quick shutdown options, and much more.

Windows 11 Requirements:

Below is the minimum expected system requirement for Windows 11 Pro installation.

  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2 GHz single-core processor (32-bit)
  • OR 1.4 GHz single-core processor (64-bit)
  • Approximately 15 GB of available hard disk space.
  • 0 GHz dual-core processor or faster
  • 1680 x 1050 screen resolution or higher
  • Approximately 18 GB of available hard disk space.
  • 1024 x 768 screen resolution

From the leaked version of Windows 11, It can be seen that the Setup file (ISO File) size is 4.54 GB. Considering that the leaked version does not have all the features, We can say that the actual file size will be between 4.5 to 6 GB.

How to Download Windows 11 / Windows 11 Pro Free Download Link:

As we know that the Win11 64 Bit version was leaked online and many people have uploaded it on Google Drive and shared it online. The direct link to download the ISO file is Here. We do not recommend you download and install the leaked version on your device as it can be full of malware.