Lenovo Yoga 2 11 Install Windows 8

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  1. Lenovo Yoga 2 11 Windows 10 Install

Lenovo makes a great deal of excellent, well-engineered hardware, but Lenovo makes some of the world's most truly awful software. They seemingly could care less about the user experience.


Time and time again they prove this with crappy driver support, the unforgivable 'Superfish' debacle, a dizzying array of pre-loaded bloatware (even on their corporate systems), confusing and slow websites and obscure design decisions. Who would think to make users hit a tiny pinhead button you can barely see to enter the System Settings. Better yet, make them hold down the FN key, instead of just hitting the F keys at startup.

For example, on a $1500+ high-end Ultrabook, they seriously provide this utility - in 2015 - to upgrade your firmware. Spare us.

Much of Microsoft's excellent work with Windows is undone by this consistently ignorant vendor, who is allegedly one of their biggest and best partners. With friends like these, hey?

Lenovo Yoga 2 11 Windows 10 Install

It was no surprise then when we went to install Windows 10 on multiple Lenovo systems that, of course, the normal utilities didn't work. Even Microsoft's provided utilities to create a bootable USB to install from scratch failed on Lenovos. One of our systems even blue screened with INACESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE after attempting the upgrade.

By contrast, the Dell and HP systems we tried: smooth sailing.

The issue with booting from USB on Lenovo systems like Yoga 2 Pro, Yoga 3 Pro, etc. is that they use the newer (and now fairly common) UEFI instead of the old BIOS. But they, unlike many other vendors, very specifically need to boot from a USB disk formatted with a more obscure compatibility MBR Partition Scheme AND FAT32 file system. No other combination will work, and your shiny new Lenovo will happily and continuously ignore your USB drive at boot.

Ignore the other advice you may find online about switching to Legacy Modes and things of the such in the UEFI Settings. You'll get yourself in a bigger mess, and screw up Secure Boot and lower performance.

The solution is to download the excellent free utility Rufus, and use it to create the correctly configured USB disk.

Video showing how to restore your Lenovo FLEX laptops tablets back to Windows 7 8 10 using a very simple method to the factory default reinstallation when yo. Reinstall Windows on Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. So we have to reinstall the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro because the OS that comes is bloated and isn't stable. It doesn't work with JavaScript callbacks - there appears to be a shim in the network stack hijacking things.

So first to my EPM readers this one is not for you unless you have one of these tablets and its not turning on.

Recently our family received this tablet from Emily's dad. He is a old-school mainframe guy which is pretty cool for me. Anyway he wasn't using it and figured we might want it. When we received the tablet it initially was working but it had all of his information on it so we decided to do a reset to reload the Operating System. Little did we know at the time but that was a mistake.

Shortly after the rest the machine decided it was not going to boot into windows. I could see the touch screen was working but it was just a black screen and when you touched it you could see the mouse trials. I made multiple attempts to reload the operating system but honestly this thing is weird, it only has one micro-USB and one micro-HDMI. Eventually I realized this was not something I could do.

Emily called up Geek Squad, which was hilarious since they were baffled because it has no keyboard. They told her something to the affect that tablets don't have operating systems and they run Android, obviously anyone who has seen a surface pro knows that's completely false. Needless to say Emily now listens when I say that Geek Squad is worthless for PC repair.

Next Emily called Lenovo which told her that she needed a USB drive that they could send that would reload the operating system, Awesome! So a week goes by and we get the USB drive. I try to run it a few times but every time it gets stuck because the tablet BIOS is version 01WT17WW and the one the USB drive wants to load is 01WT12WW. I resisted digging into the USB drive for a while but eventually I decided to pop it into my desktop and do some recon.

I found a file called platform.ini and noticed a section that talked about the BIOS check.

I had to do this while she was asleep otherwise she probably would have not let but I decided to try out making a few changes to the file. Eventually I found that I could bypass the BIOS check error by changing one of the flags (CheckByBios=1).

With the flag now changed I put the drive back on the tablet and attempted to reload the operating system. This time when it went to the BIOS check it skipped the error message and went strait into flashing the BIOS back to the older version (01WT12WW.) After that it took maybe another 20 minutes but we appear to have a working Windows 8.1 tablet!

Lenovo Yoga 2 11 Install Windows 8

So if anyone else out there runs into this problem I hope this helps.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.