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Microsoft is ready to organize its virtual event to confirm the launch of its next-generation Windows operating system i.e. Windows 11 on June 24, 2021. However, an online video from Tom Warren of the Verge Group and other relevant media sources have already leaked the details related to the Start Menu and user interface of the new Windows 11.

Accordingly, both will be similar to the ones observed in Windows 10X. Besides, you will find many other changes in the latest and next-generation Windows OS, which we have mentioned in our blog post.

Before downloading the Windows 11 ISO Image. We strongly recommend that you only use official downloads of the Windows 11 disc image. Avoid downloading from peer-to-peer sources as the download could contain a virus, or simply the wrong version. Back to the Windows Concepts!!!this is Windows 11 (2020) its probably launched on 2020. Windows Installer 3.1 Redistributable (v2) The Microsoft® Windows® Installer is an application installation and configuration service. WindowsInstaller-KB893803-x86.exe is the redistributable package for installing or upgrading Windows Installer. View more popular downloads. I s new Windows 11 coming in 2020? There's a lot of fake news and rumours over multiple websites that claim the W indows 11 launch date in July 2020. Some of them even have shared the fake date July 29, 2020. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not confirm these claims as there's not going to be any new Windows 11. However, there's surely a new build.

Windows 11 Release Launch Date 2021

At this time, Microsoft has not announced any fixed date for when Window 11 will be available. Microsoft will hold an event in the coming days in which the next generation of windows will be discussed. That event has been scheduled for June 24th at 11 am, all users are expecting that Microsoft will reveal the release date of Windows 11.

Microsoft’s meeting will be confirmed on June 24, what is the windows 11 launch date, we will know on 24.06.2021. After the global official launch of Windows 11, you can download and upgrade from Microsoft’s website. If you are already using windows 10, 8.1 or 7 then you will get to download ISO file for free. Otherwise, you may have to pay to download this new version of Windows.

Leaked Features of Microsoft Windows 11

Start Menu and User Interface

The Start Menu and user interface of the latest Window 11 are similar to the ones found originally in Windows 10X. Microsoft is simplifying its Windows for various dual-screen devices before it cancels the project in the favor of its latest Window 11. Indeed, the mentioned changes will bring drastic visual changes in the Windows taskbar. Microsoft has even cleared the tray area to place app icons at the center and included a new menu as well as a Start button.

Excludes Live Title

The mentioned updated Start Menu of Wins 11 is a simplified version of the one present in Windows 10 and that too without any Live Title. It also includes recent files, pinned apps, and the ability to restart or shut down Windows 11 devices quickly. Here, you will find everything more simplified as compared to the one present in Windows 10. However, if do not want to get the Start Menu and app icons at the center, you may shift them back to the left-hand side.

Includes of Dark Mode

Latest Windows 11 Free Download

Other than this, a few of the Wins 11 screenshots have revealed that the next-generation Windows operating system will have a dark mode across the entire system.

Rounded Corners

Furthermore, Microsoft gives you a clean user interface and a redesigned app icon with overall rounded corners in its Wins 11. The rounded corners are visible in various context menus and across the File Explorer as well as other applications. The Start menu also comes with rounded corners.

Built-in Apps

Technological lovers are expecting to view several other changes to their built-in apps present in Windows 11. However, as a big part of the Wins 11 operating system seems to be completed, we are expecting to get a beta version of it to test shortly for Windows Insiders.

New Icons as Widget

The taskbar of Windows 11 also includes a new icon labelled as Widgets in its new operating system. Reports have revealed that the Microsoft team is planning to bring back its previous Windows widgets with almost the same features. As an early Wins 11 version, you will not find the widgets loading completely within the operating system but they are sliding out to give quick access to web contents, weather reports, and the latest news.

New Snap Controls

Windows 11 will even include many new snap controls, which you may access by using the maximize button present in each of the Windows apps. These are modern equivalents of any cascade windows function, which remain present in the Windows OS for many years. With snap controls, you can snap windows side by side in no time or arrange them in different sections present on your Windows desktop.

New App Store

Microsoft has reported its work on its new Windows app store during the recent few months. In this case, rumours revealed that the app store of Wins 11 will change completely from the one available today. According to the CEO of Microsoft named Satya Nadella, “With the launch of our new Windows 11, we are promising to unlock a pool of economic opportunities for web creators and developers. These opportunities will arrive as a new store.

Microsoft reported overhauling the app store of Wins 11 to allow developers to submit Firefox, Google Chrome, and other browsers with a wide range of Windows applications. The company even considers the allowance of third-party commercial platforms in different applications. In this way, developers will get the opportunity to reduce their costs, which Microsoft often takes from varieties of systems related to in-app purchases.

Outstanding Experience

Windows 11 powered by Microsoft will come with a unique setup experience, which is almost similar to the ones found in Windows 10X. Wins 11 have a startup sound that triggers at every single boot.

XBox Game Experience

Microsoft is bringing improvements in its Windows 11 Xbox experience. The latest Xbox app will come as integrated into Wins 11 to give quick access to varieties of Xbox Game Pass games, the Xbox Store, and social areas of the Xbox network. On the other side, the Windows Game Mode and Xbox Game Bar Mode will be similar to the ones present in Windows 10.

Microsoft Windows 11 Free or Paid

It is expected that Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for those users whose system is running on Windows 10, 8.1 or 7. Microsoft provides us some easy-to-use methods by which you can easily download and install new Windows 11 in your system.

Download Windows 11 Latest Version 2020

Providing its users microsoft windows 11 for free will help the company to bring more and more users to the new product. Very cool features will be given in the new wins 11, which all windows os users are eagerly waiting to try. On the launch date of windows 11, we will get to know clearly what will be the pricing details of wins 11.

Microsoft Windows 11 ISO File 32-64 Bit News

You will find many such news on the internet in which some special features of windows 11 have been leaked. Out of which we have told you all the upcoming features in this article. Wins 11 is also going to provide us with a variety of new wallpapers, which you are very excited to apply on your screen. We will also get a new feature of Captured motion for wallpapers which will help in making themes more colorful and glowing. According to the news, the release date of Windows 11 is June 24th 2021. We will all be able to upgrade to windows 11 for free.

Windows 11 System Requirements

There is minimum expected system requirements for windows 11 installation.

  • 1.2 GHz single-core processor for 32-bit system
  • OR 1.4 GHz single-core processor for 64-Bit system
  • Minimum 2 GB RAM or More
  • 1024 × 768 Display Screen resolution
  • Approximately 15 GB for Available in your hard disk space

Recommended Configuration for Wins 11

  • 2.0 GHz Dual-core processor or faster
  • 4 GB Ram or more
  • 1680 × 1050 Display Screen resolution
  • 18 GB of available in your hard disk space

Is There A Windows 11 Coming

How to Install Windows 11 on 64 Bit OS

  • First of all, download the ISO file from the download link (not available right now).
  • Take a USB drive in your hand, don’t forget to make it bootable.
  • You make your pendrive bootable using Rufus.
  • Launch Rufus in your device and select windows 11 ISO file which you downloaded from given link.
  • Now click on Start button at the bottom
  • After that windows 11 will be flashed
  • Now plug the USB drive in your computer where you want to install windows 11.
  • Restart your PC/ LAPTOP/ COMPUTER & press the boot key.
  • Choose USB drive as primary from the option of boot device.
  • Press the enter key to start your windows 11 installation process
  • Select your language, time and date & keyboard
  • Click on Install Now button.
  • Now you will see “Add Product Key” option, simply tap on ‘I don’t have a product key’.
  • To install, Select the windows 11 edition.

Links for Windows 11 New Version

Windows 11 Download 32-64 BitWill be Available
Official Website

That’s all, we have received some important information related to windows 11 so far, you can bookmark our website page to get further latest news or latest updates of windows 11.

What is Windows 11 Release Launch Date?

What will be the setup size of Windows 11?

The size of this new version of windows can range from 4.50GB to 6GB.

How do I download windows 11 for 32 bit?

Soon Microsoft will provide the official link to download it.

Do I have to pay for Windows 11?

If you are a user of Windows 10, 8.1 or 7, then you will get its upgraded versions for free.

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An alleged preview build for Windows 11 has been leaked, confirming the new name for Microsoft's next generation of Windows and providing a glimpse of the new features.

Ever since Microsoft announced that they were unveiling their next-generation version of Windows in a June 24th Windows event, speculation about its name has been running rampant.

If this leaked build is legitimate, and it appears it is, we now have confirmation that the next version of Windows is Windows 11.

Can You Download Windows 11

The Windows 11 ISO image was leaked today on a Chinese-speaking forum and has quickly spread throughout the Internet as users rush to install the new leaked operating system.

Links for the Windows 11 ISO are now emerging on various file sharing sites, making it difficult to contain the leak.

What's new in Windows 11

At first glance, Windows 11 looks a lot like Windows 10 with a design overhaul that includes colorful icons, rounded corners, and new animations.

These changes were expected as part of the Sun Valley update that we have been reporting on for some time.

However, there are some considerable changes in Windows 11 that were not confirmed until today.

The first change users will see during the installation of Windows 11 is a new Windows logo, which is a simpler version of the existing Windows 10 logo.

From images shared with BleepingComputer, the Windows out-of-box experience (OOBE) has received an overhaul with new colors, graphics, and the installation wizard.

Microsoft has also introduced a new light and dark mode default wallpaper in Windows 11, as shown below.

The most significant change Windows users will notice is the new Windows 11 Start Menu.

Borrowed directly from the now on-hold Windows 10X, the new Windows 11 Start Menu floats above the taskbar and is centered directly in the middle of the screen.

It is possible to change the position of the Start Menu from the center to the left side of the screen using the Windows 11 taskbar options.

The new Start Menu will be the most visible change users will likely see in Windows 11 and the one that will take the most time for users to get used to.

As Windows users worldwide install the leaked build, new features will likely be discovered and shared before Microsoft's upcoming Windows event.

It is also important to note that the leaked build may have been tampered with to include malicious programs or viruses. Therefore, be very careful if you choose to install the leaked Windows 11 build and only install it on a virtual machine or other secured devices.

BleepingComputer has contacted Microsoft to confirm if the leaked build is legitimate but has not heard back at this time.

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