Installing Obiee On Windows

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I was trying to install OBIEE on windows 2012R2 but getting bad luck each time.Tried many permutations and combinations but each time installation failed while configuring BI PUBLISHER stage. Finally got the problem, problem was small but work around was big. After trying may options finally resorted to most time saving option to install OBIEE on windows 2012R2. Culprit was a file where windows server 2012 entry is not given which can be added manually with a little effort. But real problem is that file is generated during installation so there is no way you can modify it before installation. So anybody who is installing one install is going to be spoiled. But wait I have a better option. I have prepared correct file for my installation and fortunately that is reusable. I am uploading that file and anybody can use that by downloading it here, or you can modify yourself as described below. Having modified file ready what you have to do is to just wait till installation reaches a point where jython-modules.jar file is generated. I think you have to wait and keep checking every minute for this file. Once this file is created simply replace it with my modified file. Your installation will succeed.

Oracle Business Intelligence EE Books. Explains how to install and deinstall Oracle Business Intelligence products (including Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, Oracle BI Publisher, and Oracle Real-Time Decisions). Includes a description for each screen. Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) on Oracle Public Cloud Purpose The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference for some known issues faced during the installation of OBIEE in Windows 2012 R2 Platform on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Platform. Stop All and stop the service of Node Manager (Oracle WebLogic NodeManager (DMWHOMEwlserver10.3) in my case) under services. Backup, Backup, Backup. Run the installer. Select the Software only option and the existing OBIEE folder (my was D:MWHOME), that was the default. Next accept the weblogic there.

Replace the jython-modules.jar file with downloaded file.

Note: Follow this method to modify the required jar file

  1. Open command prompt and change directory to [MiddlewareHome]wlserver_10.3commonwlstmodule
  2. Extract file from jython-modules.jar using this command: jar xf jython-modules.jar
  3. open file using text editor and search for _osTypeMap and add entry for windows server 2012 to look like this

_osTypeMap = (
( “nt”, ( ‘nt’, ‘Windows NT’, ‘Windows NT 4.0’, ‘WindowsNT’,
‘Windows 2000’, ‘Windows 2003’, ‘Windows XP’, ‘Windows CE’,
‘Windows Vista’, ‘Windows Server 2008’, ‘Windows 7’, ‘Windows Server 2012’ )),
( “dos”, ( ‘dos’, ‘Windows 95’, ‘Windows 98’, ‘Windows ME’ )),
( “mac”, ( ‘mac’, ‘MacOS’, ‘Darwin’ )),
( “None”, ( ‘None’, )),


Important : You would notice that ‘Windows Server 2012’ entry was missing in original file and this is the cause for error.

4. save this file and update our jar file with this newly modified file using this command: jar uf jython-modules.jar

Installing Obiee On Windows

5. jython-modules.jar file is modified, now use this file as described in main post.