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Forge Multipart CBE Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a small mod originally programmed and designed by chicken_bones – a famous mod developer who has programmed a lot of mods but is famous and needed in modpack like Chicken Chunks, Ender Storage, Not Enough Items, .. Chicken Bones later ceded this mod to another mod developer named Cover1624 – a developer who has been involved in various giant projects such as the Thermal Foundation or Draconic Evolution.

Forge Multipart CBE is currently under the management of two Mod Developer: Cover1624 and Mr_TJP. Previously known as the Forge Multipart, the program was designed to allow players to create small pieces of a material that they could put in a block of space. As a result, players can create smaller, more diversified shapes. Using this mechanism players can re-visualize furniture such as furniture, fences with complex shapes, …

Forge Multipart CBE can be used to create thin slabs that are very convenient for interior decorating, which overlaps in the design of the home. In the modpack of machines, the Forge Multipart CBE is very popular with the mod, which makes it easy for players to no longer feel “awkward” with electrical cabling, data cables, or machinery around the house. lost their interior beauty.


  • Forge Mod Loader.

How To Install Forge 1.12.2 Windows 10

Forge 1.11.2 mods

How to Install Forge Multipart CBE 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2 for Minecraft

  1. Download Forge Installer, Forge-Multipart-CBE-xxx.jar file
  2. Right click Forge Installer, Run as Administrator and press OK to install Forge. (You can skip this step if you’ve installed Minecraft Forge)
  3. Open Start on desktop > Open Run (Or you can use the Windows + R keyboard shortcut)
  4. Type %appdata% into Run and press enter.
  5. Go to folder /.minecraft/mods
  6. Put jar file of the Mod into mods folder and then run Minecraft. Done!

Download links for Forge Multipart CBE Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2

> for Minecraft 1.12.2

> for Minecraft 1.11.2

> for Minecraft 1.10.2

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1.11.2 Forge Minecraft Download

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  • Most popular Mod Loader
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In Short:

If you want to install mods in Minecraft, there is no way around the Minecraft Forge Modloader. The ease of use, the huge database and the big community with lots of support, make this the number one.

How to install:

  • Please make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed.
  • Download your version of the Minecraft Forge from below.
  • Find the minecraft application folder.
    • Windows: Open the Start Menu and go to Run. Type %appdata% and click Run.
    • Mac: Open finder. While holding down ALT, click Go. Then on Library in the top menu bar. Now open the folder 'Application Support' and look for minecraft.
  • Open the 'mods' folder.
  • Put the downloaded file (.jar file) into the mods folder.
  • Now start Minecraft. Click the mods button.
  • Congatulations! You should now see your brand new installed mod.

Downloads for Minecraft Forge 1.13.2, 1.12.2, 1.10.2

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