Google Chrome 11 Download For Windows 7

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  1. Google Chrome 11 Download For Windows 7 Free

Download Google Chrome for Windows & read reviews. Google Chrome: The polished, powerful, and proven leader in today’s browser space.

To start it is necessary: ​​to enter any of the following commands in the address bar to see more information.


Google Chrome 11 Download For Windows 7 Free

chrome :/ / aboutList of special pages
chrome :/ / extensionsThe list of installed extensions
chrome :/ / cacheList the contents of the cache
chrome :/ / crash (obsolete, unused)
chrome :/ / kill
Page displays a message with a message about the problem. In the Russian version of Chrome message begins with the text, 'He's dead, Jim,' 'He's gone! But he promised to come back ... '(in older versions of' Oh no, we lost it, ' Aw, Snap ... ')
chrome :/ / creditsDevelopment used in Chrome
chrome :/ / dnsDisplays records DNS
chrome :/ / flagsUnlock Hidden (experimental) opportunities
chrome :/ / flashView information about the Flash-plugin
chrome :/ / histogramsGraphs of various statistical parameters
chrome :/ / inducebrowsercrashforrealzCrash the Google Chrome. To view the developers of processes occurring in the system at fault
chrome :/ / memoryDisplays information about the current application and the memory tab
chrome :/ / pluginsShow the installed plug-ins
chrome :/ / shorthangCall the 'freeze' tab. For developer testing of protection against freezing
chrome :/ / net-internalsInformation about the connections
chrome :/ / termsTerms of Service Google Chrome
chrome :/ / version
Version and build number. Analogue - about:
view-source: [URL]View Page Source

[ edit ]Usage

Chrome automatically sends information about how to use the browser in Google . Part of the mechanisms for the collection of such information may be disabled by the user, and some - not .

Methods of data collection
NameThe information suppliedWhen work?Turned off?
InstallationRandomly generated token included in installer. Used to measure the proportion of successful installations Google Chrome .

When you install

RLZ-identifier Encrypted string, according to Google, contains no identifying information about the user that the browser has been downloaded and the first week of use. Used to determine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns . Google provides the source code to decrypt the string .
  • When searching through Google
  • When you first launch and first use of address bar[71]
Customer ID The unique identifier, as well as usage data and crash the program. Controlled by adjusting the 'Help make Google Chrome, Google automatically sending usage statistics and crash reports.' The default is off.UnknownYes
Tip The text entered in the address bar.During dialingYes
Page not foundThe text entered in the address bar.When the message 'Server not found'Yes
The assembler errorsDetails of the crash.UnknownYes
Google Update(Windows)How often is Chrome, information about the operating system and the version of Chrome.UnknownNo
Google Software Update (OS X)

In March 2010 Google introduced a new way of collecting statistics about the settings. The unique identifier included in Chrome, is now used only for Google Update is first connected to the server of the company. After receiving a response from the server identifier is removed .

The browser is distributed under a proprietary license EULA .

Some of the code browser opened under the name Chromium under a BSD-style license and others.

Until about 9 September 2008 EULA contained a paragraph that gave Google an irrevocable, non-exclusive royalty-free license to use, create derivative works from, distribute, and publish promotional purposes throughout the transmitted information through the browser. These paragraphs were also, for example, in agreements ICQ and Facebook , and in this case it is taken from the 'Terms of Services Google' . After criticism on blogs and Slashdot this paragraph was removed from the agreement browser .


During the launch of the beta version of the browser the fall of 2008, the press was positive concerning the browser from Google. The publication TechCrunch noted that Google has created an excellent browser.Columnist Nick Mediate PCWorld wrote that the browser meets the needs of the average PC user, with a lot of opportunities for the advanced user. Journalist edition TechHerald Steve Regan said that Google needs to work to improve the browser to compete with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, despite the impressive beta. Journalist Wall Street Journal , Walter Mossberg wrote that Google managed to create a smart and innovative browser that allows you to use the Internet more quickly and easily.


  • Google Chrome browser does not support the format APNG . APNG format is not an official , to support the informal specifications APNG need to install a third-party plug-in .
  • There were fears that the widespread and Google Chrome engine WebKit may result in monopolization of the browser market, and poor support for the sites of other browsers .
  • It is difficult to download from the official website offline installer browser - it needs to use the links from this page . Google Chrome developers have attributed this to the fact that the use of the online installer allows users download the latest version of the browser first hand, adding that the offline setting on the browser is not connected to the Internet computers is meaningless


  • Edition of PC Magazine awarded browser Google Chrome 15, the award 'Editor's Pick' .
  • The same edition of the Google Chrome browser has assigned 14 award for 'Best Product of 2011' in the nomination 'The Best Web Browser' .
  • Edition of Tom's Hardware first time in its history, recognized as the 'Best Tom's Hardware» software product, namely browser Chrome, as well as added «I Grand Prix' of browsers .
  • This edition assigned the same browser award «II Grand Prix' of browsers on the platform GNU / Linux , 'V Grand Prix' , 'VI Grand Prix' of browsers on the Windows platform