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Dec 07, 2008 Download Netscape Navigator for Windows to surf the Web securely with this free browser. Netscape Navigator has had 0 updates within the past 6 months.

Three things that are not supposed to be together: Virtual PC, Windows For Workgroups 3.11 and the internet. But today, I'll show you how to do this.
The process can be done when you're installing a new copy or with an existing installation
Note: Only for Windows For Workgroups (3.1 or 3.11)
Note 2: Right now, I have no time for making the tutorial for a current installation, so I'll edit my post to include this tomorrow (Tomorrow is 3/5/2018)
  1. Drivers
  2. Web Browsers for Windows 3.1
  3. Guide on new installation
  4. Guide on existing installation
  5. Guide on installing web browsers
Drivers (LAN and TCP/IP)
Intel 2104x Ethernet Driver for WFW3.11 / Intel 2104x Ethernet Driver for WFW3.10
Microsoft TCP/IP Protocol for WFW3.1x
Web Browsers(For Windows 3.1)
Internet Explorer 4
Internet Explorer 5
Netscape Navigator 4.07
NCSA Mosaic 2.0a
This is Step-By-Step, so you won't get easily confused (So expect A LOT of images)
WFW = Windows For Workgroups
2.xOn a new installation
After you installed MS-DOS, install WFW as normal, until the Network Setup. Here you should click [Networks...]
This will be shown. Select 'Install Microsoft Windows Network' and click [OK]
Then click in [Advanced >>] and then in [Drivers...]. Network Drivers section won't show until you click Advanced
Now, you'll see a window with an empty list. Click in [Add adapter...] and then make sure 'Unlisted or Updated Network Adapter' is selected. Then click OK
You'll see a box asking for the driver. Insert in the Virtual Machine the driver that matches you WFW version (3.1 or 3.11). Then click OK
Click OK in this Box
Click in [Add Protocol...]
Same as with the Adapter, click in 'Unlisted or Updated Protocol', next click OK, insert your floppy inside the VM and finally click OK in the 'Install Driver' Box
Click OK in this box. You'll see copy some files. Wait until it finishes
Close the window

Netscape Browser Windows 10

And continue
Set and username, a password, and a computer name. You can use the default ones. but also custom ones (Like me)
You will be asked for WFW disks 7 and 8. Provide them. You will also be asked for the network driver disk (again). Provide it.
Now you'll need you DNS and gateway. You can get these by clicking in your network icon, and clicking details
First enable DHCP
Then, write your gateway, click on DNS, write your DNS server and click [Add] ( is an actual DNS server!)
Click OK and follow the rest of the installation as normal (Commonly right now you are going to reboot and finish the installation)
Note that now WFW will take its time to start because when it starts it tries to get an IP . Also it will take some time to shut down because it has to shut down the network services
On an existing installation
Have at hand the WFW disks images 7 and 8
Open 'Windows Setup' in the program manager, and choose 'Change Network Configuration'
Click Network
Click install Microsoft Windows Network and click OK
Click in Drivers
Click in [Add adapter...], select 'Unlisted or Updated Network Adapter', click OK and insert the Floppy with the Driver that matches your WFW version (3.10 or 3.11) and click OK in the 'Install Driver' box
Click OK in this box
Same as with the adapter, click in [Add adapter...], select 'Unlisted or Updated Network Adapter', click OK and this time insert the Floppy with the TCP/IP stack for Windows and click OK in the 'Install Protocol' box
Like earlier, click OK here
Close this window.
Click OK here
Write a username, workgroup and computer name. The ones by default are OK

How-to: Install DOSBox-X Running Windows 3.11, Netscape ...

You will finally be asked for WFW disks 7 and 8. Also you will be asked (again) for the driver disk
You need your gateway and DNS server. You can get these by cliking in your network icon and clicking Details
Now, you'll see this window. Enable DHCP, type your gateway, click on DNS, type you DNS server and click Add. Type also a host name
Eject any floppy in the VM, save any work you have open and click [Restart computer].

Netscape 7.2 Download

After a restart, you'll see this, you can set up a password or just click OK
You'll see this, just click Yes, and confirm your password (If you didn't set any, just don't type nothing)
And you're done! networking in WFW in VPC
Installing a browser
Three of the browsers are on CD. I recommend you to install the DOS Virtual Machine Additions from VPC 2004

WinWorld: Netscape 3.0.x

First, Insert the CD/Floppy of your browser (Isn't obvious )
The installation file will vary depending on the navigator you download
-NetScape Navigator 4.07
Open File Manager, go to your CD drive and double-click the file 'ns407win31.exe'
You can also go to Program Manager > File > Run and type D:ns407win31.exe (Where D is you CD drive)
Click Yes and wait
Click Next, accept the license Agreement, and follow the on-screen instructions
After installing, the first time you open NetScape Navigator, you'll see the Profile Setup, follow the on-screen instructions to create a new Profile
-Internet Explorer 4
Open File Manager, go to your CD drive and double-click the file 'setup.exe'.
You can also go to Program Manager > File > Run and type D:setup.exe (Where D is you CD drive)
Click on start setup and wait.
Just click Next until you finish. Choose any additional components, but do not select Stack and Dialer for Win 3.1 or you won't be bale to connect to the internet[/u] Reboot when asked[/U]
-Internet Explorer 5
Select Standard installation. If you don't it will install the TCP/IP socket for modem internet, and you won't be able to connect to the internet.
-NSCA Mosaic
As it hadn't installer, I made a batch for your convenience.
Open File Manager, go to your floppy drive and double-click the file 'install.bat'.
You can also go to Program Manager > File > Run and type A:setup.exe
Type Y and you're done.
To run Mosaic, create a shortcut for it or run it with the Run dialog by typing C:MOSAICMOSAIC.EXE
You're done! Internet in WFW 3.1x! Who said it wasn't possible?
As the OS and the browsers are old, expect lots of pages not working
If you want a good start page, try
Note: In many cases/scenarios, WFW will not load at all the first time, in other words, it will freeze the first time after booting, just restart the VM and retry until you get good results

Date Released: August 13, 1996
File Size: 232 MB
Platforms: x86, 68k, PowerPC, MIPS, and Alpha AXP
Operation Systems: Windows 3.11/95/NT, System 7, and Mac OS 8
Last Updated: May 24, 2021

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 is a third update published on August 13, 1996 by Microsoft. The version for Apple Macintosh was produced later on January 8, 1997 and support for the SSL and NTLM security. It was a huge browser update with a major components and many modifications. Supported operating systems for Internet Explorer 3.0 are: Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.x, Windows NT 4.0, System 7, and Mac OS 8. Internet Explorer 3.0 included with final release Windows 95 OSR 2. During 1996, Internet Explorer market share went from roughly 5% because of the Netscape Navigator.
The Internet Explorer 3 included the following components: Windows Address Book, Internet Mail and News, Microsoft Comic Chat, RealPlayer Microsoft, NetMeeting, and Windows Media Player.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 is not supported and no longer available for download from Microsoft web site. However, you could find and download the final releases Internet Explorer 3.0 below on this page.

Download IE3