Apache Netbeans 11 Windows Installer

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Apache Jenkins: Linux: Windows: Requirements. Git; Ant 1.9.9 or above; JDK 8 or 11 (to build NetBeans) JDK 9 or above (to run NetBeans) MinGW (optional), to build Windows Launchers; Notes: NetBeans also runs with JDK 8, although then it will not include tools for the JDK 9 Shell. NetBeans license violation checks are managed via the rat.

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Installers Build job

Installer build job for Linux and Windows installers:

Mac Installer needs to be built locally, please refer INFRA-17961

Apache Netbeans 11 Windows Installer


For signing Windows and Mac installers, used Apache Code Service service. Tried with Test Signing for Windows. More info is here : https://reference.apache.org/pmc/codesigning

Mac Installer .pkg is signed during build hence build will fail if Certificate identity-name string is not provided in below build script.

May refer INFRA-17946 - Getting issue details...STATUS for creating code signing accounts.

Steps to build installers

git clone https://github.com/apache/netbeans.git

cd netbeans

Run ant build

Copy release artifact zip(eg netbeans-11.3-bin.zip) to current folder.

Linux and Windows Installers:

Run below bash script from current dir

Apache Netbeans Latest Version

Netbeans 11.0

Windows installer exe can be signed using Code signing gui, link is above.

Mac OSX installer

Apache Netbeans 11 Windows Installer Download